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The Great Divergence – Session 0 and Prelude Episode 1

Well… this is it. Our first piece of work product. Rather than jumping straight into a campaign with character backstories all in place and everyone jumping straight into character, we’re “flashing our underwear” at our viewers and showing people how the characters will be going from zero to hero with our intrepid DM Travis’s introductory session for our players.

This is already not be an average D&D Campaign. Travis’s Prelude campaign is underway and our players are already enjoying their roles.

So – without further ado: Here’s the Great Divergence Playlist, which currently contains Session 0, and as a special bonus, what we could salvage of Episode 1 thanks to some recording hardware issues. Please check back regularly to find new episodes in the playlist. We should have two more episodes up in the next week. We’ll post up more information on new episodes as they become available.

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