Discord Server for Community Interaction

Hi folks,

Just letting you know that we now have two Discord servers. The first of these will be open to the public. We are looking for people to volunteer as moderators, so if you have some experience in community curation, please feel free to let us know. We’ll have a basic discussion channel for each podcast on this discord server and a single voice channel. Content rules will be posted shortly.

The public server can be accessed using this Discord Invite Link.

Our second server will be for AntipodeYarns Patreon supporters only. Folks who pay for access to this channel will have a direct line to our team and will be able to give us feedback. We will have more channels on this server, and voice channels where you can interact with our team more directly if they’re available. Note that there will be channels on this server restricted by Patreon donation level. The more you donate to the cause, the greater the level of access and contribution that will be supported. Note that this may include subscriber only competitions, giveaways and content (wallpapers, interviews, discount codes for our merch store, etc).

We look forward to engaging with you in the coming weeks and months!

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