Welcome to AntipodeYarns!

AntipodeYarns is a South Australian collective seeking to publish rich media content relating to the broad theme of story. We will be starting out with recordings of a D&D 5e campaign and a Star Trek Adventures game, possibly of adding after-show analysis from a story and character perspective once we start getting an audience up and running. As our audience builds, we intend to start creating content that is less focused on telling stories, but on the mechanical aspects of story from perspectives such as:

  • A consumer’s guide to story-telling and how story affects our lives.
  • Improvisational story-telling – how understanding the basic tropes of story allows us to tell compelling stories on the fly.
  • A creator’s guide to story-telling – plot, character, setting, conflict, genre, the hero’s journey and more.
  • Visual story telling – how visual story telling media gets made.
  • True stories – exploring documentary story-telling mechanics and techniques.
  • Making Games – a look at local tabletop game creators and their work.

We will also be looking to syndicate narrative content from partners on our respective content delivery channels.

For more information about the people involved in our endeavour, please check out our “Meet The Team” page.

Please contact us for information about syndication. We can be reached at the following:

If you could like to support our work, please feel free to do so at:

We look forward to delivering great content and helpful insights into why story is so important to the human experience.