Meet the Team!

Whilst AntipodeYarns is the brain-child of Jemma Hooper, there are a number of talented South Australian story-tellers who are part of the collective.

Ami is playing in both our D&D and Star Trek Adventures campaigns, and posts about the process of writing on her Facebook page. In her own words:

“I’m Ami and I have always had a mind for the creative worlds of Fantasy and Sc-Fi. I Love both Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV, Movies and books and am an avid gamer. As such, I have moved into making my own worlds – while not neglecting those of others. I have been been doing my own creative writing for over 10 years and love to dive into world building and character creation. I am looking and hoping to publish my first complete novel by 2019. As such I am also into playing RPG games and have even run my own. Music is also a passion of mine and I enjoy all of the depth it brings as well as having dabbled in art.”

Cameron Rice (AKA “Bubbles”) is a player in our D&D campaign. Like Ami, he also brings some musical talents to the table. He has been playing RPGs for some years now and is looking forward to honing his skills in a range of areas, both creatively and supporting our technology needs. Another Dungeon Master, Cameron is looking forward to both sharing his own perspectives as a game-runner, and learning from others in the group.

Jill Wong is playing in our D&D Campaign, and comes with significant pop culture content publishing credentials thanks to her alter ego as “The Motley Geek.” Jill is a formidable individual – she is a wildly intelligent individual with a strong creative streak. In addition to running The Motley Geek, Jill is also an accomplished Leather Worker, Wood Carver and cosplayer. You can see more of her work on The Motley Geek website, Instagram, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Kris Robson is a very recent addition to AntipodeYarns, and is joining our Star Trek Adventures campaign. Kris is an experienced D&D Dungeon Master with over five years experience. He is a storyteller and Dungeon Master, with a background in psychology and IT. Kris loves to paint pictures for his players through narrative rather than relying on physical maps and miniatures. He has created several “home-brew” campaigns as part of his game-running experiences and celebrates the impromptu moments that make unscripted story-telling in tabletop RPGs such a joy. As well as D&D, Kris has also run campaigns in the White Wolf World of Darkness and the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG rulesets. Kris is also helping out in the writers room for our D&D Campaign.

Lillianna Brooks will be one of the featured players in our D&D Campaign. She is a creative writer/artist that enjoys fantasy based stories and drawings. She has a background in writing from a young age, and has always had a strong creative streak. She hopes to publish her own writings one day. As she puts it: “I am constantly in and out of different drawings and writing takes up most of my free time as it is so expect to see more writing than drawing from me.” Lilliana will hopefully be showing off her talents by being a key member of our Art Department.

Shane Pope is another very recent addition to the AntipodeYarns team. He has been introduced to our group by Cameron, who he plays D&D with on a regular basis. However, he also role-plays in a number of Facebook groups dedicated to such activities, and has created worlds for these communities to inhabit. Shane has also joined our Tech Crew, and will be supporting our Star Trek Adventures game by helping out on the recording console. Shane has also joined the writers room that will be supporting our D&D Campaign’s Dungeon Master.

Troy Beaton is a talented young man with his eyes set on a career in entertainment. He has long been a gamer, both as a computer gamer and a table top RPG player. Most of his RPG background has been in the “D20” family, but not in D&D itself. He is an experienced player and GM for Pathfinder, a D&D-like ruleset that brings an unparalleled depth of detail to both the gameplay and the settings that the publisher Paizo has produced. He joins us as a player in our D&D campaign, and will also be helping out with some of the editing and technology tasks that running a channel like this will entail. Troy also has a YouTube channel which is on the more light-hearted side of things.

Travis Ritt is an experienced RPG player, and is the Dungeon Master for our D&D Campaign, “The Great Divergence”. He is an experienced D&D player, and has run a Warhammer 40K RPG campaign for some time in the capacity of Game Master. In the episodes recorded so far he has shown himself not only to be an innovative and imaginative DM, but also a great narrator. He has joined AntipodeYarns to broaden his story-telling skills and have some fun along the way. Recordings of Travis’s Warhammer campaign sessions can be found on his YouTube channel.

Last but not least, you have me – Jemma Hooper. I am the old lady of the group, being – as I am – in my late 40s. I have been playing tabletop RPGs (D&D, PathFinder, and their ilk, plus many more) on and off since I received the D&D Red Box (“Beginners Edition”) for my tenth birthday back in 1980. Prior to that, I had an interest in reading and writing stories. As the founder of AntipodeYarns and Lead Producer, I am responsible for shaping the content we produce to ensure that it provides interesting perspectives on the concepts of Character, Context, Conflict, Choices and Consequence, which underlie almost all narrative works. I have an ambitious slate of content that I would like to produce over coming weeks, months and years – and am excited that the moment has come at which I can commit some resources to doing so. As well as a 21-year background in the IT industry, I am also a musician, audio engineer, film-maker, writer and photographer.

On a “full disclosure, not that it matters” note, I am also a recently socially transitioned transgender woman, but mastery of a femme voice is not yet within my portfolio. If you hear a disturbingly low baritone identifying itself as “Jemma” – that will be me.

There are other as yet inactive team members whose involvement may ramp up over time as they offload work stresses, studies and illness. For now, we’ll keep their identities a tightly guarded secret and hope that you will give them a warm welcome as they join the channel later. If AntipodeYarns sounds like something YOU would like to get involved with, please feel free to contact me using the contact page on this site. Note that at this point, while we have a diverse set of roles available, we do require people to be based in Adelaide, South Australia or thereabouts, as we are particularly keen to develop and showcase the skills of South Australian story-tellers.

We hope you enjoy our content! Let your story be great!